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Established in 1993, the Friends of Beethoven Booster Club is an organization of parent volunteers whose purpose is to raise money to enhance the students’ learning environment at Beethoven Street Elementary School.  The Booster Club is also responsible for the ongoing cultivation of community partnerships with local businesses, community-based organizations, and government organizations that will contribute to and support Beethoven Street Elementary School.


Friends of Beethoven

    Jeff Manpearl (Co-President)
    Andy Telanoff (Co-President)

Beethoven PTA

    Kathy Vigil (President)

Tania Castberg Capata
You've Been Stung!
You have been Stung Tania Castberg Capata! Tania has a child in 5th grade. Thank you for all your help throughout the years at Beethoven going on field trips, helping in the classroom, 5th Grade Food Sales, Donations, helping where ever we need you. Thank you Tania for all your help at Bingo Night, the night would have not been as successful without you. We are very grateful to have parents like you at our school!  

Recent Awards & Grants

 > Salad Bars 2 Schools

 > Mar Vista Community Council "Community Beautification Grant" 

Real Milk California Sweeptstakes

> Bizzy Blondes Real Estate: 500 color fund raising flyers

> George Chung Realtors: Including Beethoven flyer in house to house newsletter

> Tiffany Rochelle at Pardee Properties: $500.00

> Whole Foods Garden Grant (2013): $1,000 for garden bench and garden supplies

PTA Drive

Join and make a difference!

Each class that has 100% participation will receive an ICE CREAM PARTY

Friends of Beethoven's Facebook Page


FOB Archive


Bear Scare!

Bear Scare is coming soon!  Please look for the e-mail from your room parents, we need all our parents to sign up for food donations and to volunteer in your class booth.  

1.       All donations need to be brought to the parent center:

2.       Soda, Juice Boxes, Water, Chips, Nacho Cheese, (Non Perishable Items) can be dropped off at any time this month. 

3.      If your class is bringing Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Buns, desserts (Perishable Items) please drop them off in the Parent Center October 22 – 24. 

4.      If your parents have chosen to donate money, please drop off in the office or if you see Kathy Vigil you can give to her.  Dianna and Kathy will shop for missing food items. 

5.     Please make sure you have your sheets filled for your volunteers and food donations.  This is very important.

6.      Set Up begins Saturday, October 25 at 8:00 AM.  You have until 9:45 AM to have your booth completed. 

7.      When you arrive in the morning please check in at the ticket booth or find Kathy Vigil and she will show you where your class booth is. 

8.     As your parents or volunteers arrive please make sure they sign in.  Each booth will be given a sign in sheet.

9.      Each class booth must provide a canopy, table, decorations and prizes.  If you are having problems with the prizes let Kathy know.   

We need your help with Set-Up of the Haunted House and wrapping tables on Friday-October 24th after school.


Common Core

Come and learn about the Common Core.  Monday - October 13 after drop off in the Library.


Bingo Night

Thank you to everyone that came out to Bingo Night!  We had a great night of fun and games.  We were able to raise $675.00!  Thank you Kathy Vigil, Julie Tan, Charlene Dekker, Jeff Manpearl, Tana Castberg Capata, Staci Boggeri and Aracely Vasquez for making Bingo Night a success. Thank you Liz Bourneuf for making all the Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs!  Thank you to the following people for the food & treat items: Lauri Crassweller, Dianna Tate, Ines Fabian, Jeff & Charlene Manpearl, Kathy Vigil, Ashley Halverson, Staci Boggeri, and Janet Solis. 


Pledge for Excellence / Phone-A-Thon

Thank you to all the parents that answered the call!  The Phone-A-Thon raised $9620.00.  Our Pledge Drive is now at $26,485.00 !    This year the Friends of Beethoven Booster Club is asked by “leadership” to pay more than $95,000.00 to keep our programs going at our school. 110 families at Beethoven that have participated in the Pledge Drive, we are now at 35%!  See below for your class percentage.

Layne - 15%    Ramirez –  30%     Sugimoto –  10%    Hirata  -  23%    Zullo –  56%      Gellman –   14%  Honig -  32%    Sandler –   26%     Arthur - 62%     Mills - 35%    Ramos –  38%    O’Donnell -  33%      Evans –   27%     Alanis -  8% 

Thank you to the following families!  You are greatly appreciated.   
Ms. Sandler, Ms. Arthur, Dr Ford  

Hirita - Evan Perez, Rebecca Halbert, Zebedee Boggeri, Parker Brooks, Matthew Manpearl, Cristofer Garcia, Emilio Reyes, Elan Gutierrez 

Zullo - Jazmin Fuentas, Baxter Davis, Sophia Tate, Teo Brown, Bodhi Hakim, Kanoa Parker, Isamar Martinez, Hendrik Turnure, Miguel Cruz, Jackson Wheeler, Lisa Marie Brady, Samantha Carlson, Tristin Lucas, Ronaldo Gutierrez, Cash Halverson, Luke Sheldon, Emanual Borror, Zoey Theisen, Evan Gutierrez 

Gellman - Kimberly Casillas, Jose Zarate, Kalya Wilson, Lily Uzan, Cole Rowland 

Honig - Dana Dunn, Havana Campbell, Janet Lopez, Kai Hakim, Stephanie Perez, Olivia Uzan, Samantha Endave, Sophia Arredondo, Giovani Hernandez 

Sandler - Ismael Martinez-Perez, Makena Ramirez, Kaylan Mancilla, Amber Magee, Gabriel Arauza 

Arthur -  Marlon Weibel, Lucy Tate, Leah Gonzalez, Kathryn Berg, Lincoln Perlmutter, Grace Houri, Olivia Delgado, Atreyu Lucas, Mallory Garza, Johanna Martinez, Violet Kienzle, Tate Drageset, Rachael Manpearl, Presley Manpearl, Tate Drageset, Jonanna Marinez 

Mills - Zomaya Boggeri, Samantha Tejeda, Maya’ca Rosales, Jaylen Germani, jared Azabado, Daniel Gomez, Sasha Telanoff, Sophia Telanoff 

Ramos - Alan Gonzalez. Ingrid Sanchez, Wendy Zarte, Naomy Silva, Melanie Servellon, Oscar Cruz, Alison Valencia, Fateh Aluyev 

Evans - Keegan Campbell, Hilton Johnson, Otto Wolfe, Huxley Perlmutter, Jermy Rosenwasser, Dodge Drageset, 

O’Donnell -  Ellis Wheeler, Michael Perez, Liora Hartung, Easton Davis, Ruby Martinez, Leah Hoffman, Issaac Jossel 

Ramos – Alison Valencia 

Alanis – Corbin Phenix, Lily Hurtado 

Sugimoto – Lilia Berumen, Emilio Reyes 

Layne - Josie Weene, Natasha Ramos, Isabella Eudave, Sophia Villavicencio 

Ramirez - Jonah Norman, Gavin Horton, Calista Carreon, Julian Rosales, Royal Guthrie, Vaughn Guthrie, Rory Garza, Harper Bucklan, Mallory Garza


PTA Membership

 Ms. Honig, Mr. O’Donnell,  Ms. Sandler, Ms. Zullo , Ms. Hirata, Ms. Ramos,  Ms. Ramirez, and Ms. Arthur  have all reached 100%!     Thank you to all the parents for signing up for the PTA,  we have 300 members so far!  There is still time to sign up, remember each class to reach 100 percent will have an Ice Cream Party!   Some of the classes are only a few members away from 100%.The following are the class Percentages: 

Kinder:       Layne  67%      Ramirez  100%      Sugimoto 47% 

1st Grade:   Evans   89%     Alanis  36% 

2nd Grade:  Ramos   100%       O’Donnell    100% 

3rd Grade:  Sandler  100%       Mills   75% 

2/3:  Arthur  100% 

4th Grade:  Gellman  61%     Honig  100% 

5th Grade:  Hirata  100%         Zullo    100%